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Chantilly lace saree

 Chantilly lace saree- origin- it is a handmade lace named after the city of Chantilly in France. This lace is known for its fine weaving and sheer texture. The best Chantilly laces were made of silk, and were in black color. White Chantilly lace was also made, in linen and silk, but many of the Chantilly laces were made of silk. 


Chantilly lace is an expensive fabric from France. It is woven by hand using silk and has various floral designs. It is woven with silk thread in a various colors such as black and white. There was a popular American song with the name Chantilly Lace in 1950s.

The complex, delicate designs of Chantilly lace are woven around various pins stuck into a pillow which follows a pattern. Each threads intricate a different pattern when woven together. The various pins helps the weaver to not to tangle all the threads with each other. The silk thread is woven in different patterns and designs using pins together.

Chantilly lace has gained popularity over time. France was an important town where Chantilly laces were made using the silk thread in basic colors such as black, white, cream and neutral shades. The lace was exported from France to other countries all over the world, and black Chantilly was very popular among the women who used this fabric in Chantilly lace sarees, Chantilly lace shawls and other garments. Hand-woven Chantilly lace was very expensive.

It is very soft, silky and has attractive floral patterns, Chantilly lace is used for a variety of items. The range of colors in Chantilly lace is much more now, and more lace is produced by machine. White is in high demand since the lace is a common adornment for bridal gowns as well as wedding veils and saris.



The best Chantilly laces were always made of silk. French fabric is always popular material used to make saris such as chiffon. A Chantilly lace sari is very rare and hard to find. Imitations are very easily available in the market but the original Chantilly lace saree is very delicate, has a smooth silky texture, and hand made of pure silk. These features show that this fabric as long as a saree can be crumpled up in your hand easily.

A Chantilly lace sari is very simple and elegant. It is so hassle free one only needs a blouse and petticoat. Not even a fall for the saree. Chantilly lace in a sari is just six yards of lace. The uniqueness and exclusiveness of the saree makes it outstanding and more alluring.

In the sari world, a Chantilly lace sari is most asked for and has its place in every woman’s wardrobe. 


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