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"Received the sarees. This was the first time I ordered with you people. I am very happy with ur service,got what I wanted. The blouse is perfect,please keep my measurements. I will be buying more sarees with you guys. Will definitely recommend to friends."


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Hot Navel Saree

The real beauty of a woman lies in the eyes of the beholder.The beauty therefore, has always been the center of attraction not only for men but for everyone.One of the main factor of the beauty of a woman lies in her navel. A beautiful navel adds to the beauty and charm of a woman.In other words,a beautiful navel is the oomph factor for a  beautiful woman. However the navel base can also suppress the beauty of a woman.Those women who have beautiful looks but have an out of shape belly with a disfigured navel are considered less beautiful than they actually are. Hence the beauty of the navel of a woman plays a vital role in the overall  beauty of a woman.

Also in India, there is a great recognition of the navel.Women in India mostly wear saree below the navel.An alluring navel saree is worn at various functions by almost every Indian women of any society.The page 3 party women are also seen adorning beautiful navel sarees. Stars like Kareena Kapoor, Deepika Padukone, Priyanka Chopra,have maintained the charm of their navel and thus wear with them with panache.The pictures in navel of beautiful celebrities are also in vogue.Photo shoots and potfolios are also conducted especially to capture navel photos. Now-a-days it seems like a trend to have beautiful navel and to show it off by wearing a saree below the navel. Even the foreign female celebrities that visit India on some particular occasions are seen wearing sarees and showing their amazing navel.

Men easily get carried away by a beautiful navel.One of the most attractive features of a woman according to men is her navel. A woman can wear a hot navel saree just by wearing a chiffon or a net saree.As these sarees are transparent and one can easily see the navel.The fabric of the saree has to be kept in mind and one should be careful while wearing it.As there are many ways to flaunt a navel like;style to drape the saree and the fabric to be used.

The style consists of wearing the saree below the navel i.e.5 to 6 inches below the navel and also the petticoat so worn must be tied below the navel with the saree tucked in perfectly.One can attract that area by pleating the saree tightly nad wearing a sequins belt or the style of palla can be draped in a manner such that the navel becomes the centre of attraction and the people tends to get attracted on that area.
The fabric must be light and transparent which is the best way to show a hot navel.As it is the style of revealing a little bit and at the same time showing a bit of everything.Net sarees are the best option and the best a woman who wants to show her navel may look for among all the other available fabrics.
Therefore,a hot navel saree is the latest trend of the season and is sauce of life together with stunning sarees in various fabrics and draped in various ways.Together with stylish and trendy blouses the navel showing trend is also the rage of the time and the trend which is being set by the bollywood divas and the women who follow these trends with panache.

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