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Saree material

There are so amny amazing and exclusive interpretations of Indian sarees.All sarees have various designs like,block print,embroidery,Stamped or painting on the fabric.Any particular design can only look good if the fabric on which it is done is chosen precisely according to the design so carved or put on the fabric.Each saree is in length from 4.5-6 yards and are sold as entire piece.
Using a correct saree fabic creates a one of a kind outfit.A perfect pattern is needed for amzaing pieces.Adding cuts and flares and combining different types of saree fabrics with other fabrics creates an outrageous outcome to the saree so formed.

 There are different types of materials used for a saree:-

1. Cotton Sarees-Cotton sarees are simple and elegant with broad borders on both sides,with a decorative heavy or light palla are woven in Andhra Pradesh.Cotton sarees can be worn by Indian women especially during summers to beat off the heat.Cotton  sarees are worn at holi,diwali,dusseghra.,lohri,baisakhi and in other festivals.India is the home for the cotton crop.Some 5000 years ago the cotton crop was known to the people of India.every state in India has it's own different techniques of preparing Cotton cloth in terms of weaving,texture,prints and motif techniques and colours.

Following are some of the most popular cotton sarees in India:-

>Jamdani in West Bengal and Uttar Pradesh,
>Smbalpuri,Bomkai from Orissa,
>Baluchari from Bengal,
>Chanderi from Madhya Pradesh,
>Venkatgiri and pochampalli in Andhra Pradesh,
>Kanjeevaram,Salem,Pudukottai in Tamil Nadu with rich zari palla and borders.
>Kamalkudi in kerala,
>Tie and die cotton sarees in Rajasthan,
>Ikat from Karnatka

Apart from above a cotton saree comes in many variations like jute,cotton,kora cotton,khadi cotton etc.depending on the weaving of the cotton thread.

2.Chiffon Sarees-It is a light,smooth textured fabric.Despite it's delicate appearance it is a very strong fabric.This fabric is very limp and a chiffon saree looks graceful when worn.With unique embellishments it can be worn either in parties or in regular wear.A filmy chiffon saree gives a very romantic look.It looks elegant and can be teamed up with light jewellery.Bandhini and floral  prints are very popular in chiffon sarees.Zardozi or the embroidery or the hand block printing are a great rage in chiffon sarees.

3.Crepe Sarees-Crepe fabric is very thin and crinkled.The texture is woven in silk to give a rich and vibrant look the fabric.The silk crepe is the most asked for fabric.It is very soft on touching and looks good when draped.This fabric comes in wide range of colours and prints.Women loves crepe sarees for their versatile look.the crepe fabric sets neatly on the waist with neat pleats to complete a subtle look.With perfect accesories,the saree can be worn to office or in parties.the Mysore crepe fabric is the most in demand beacuse of it's light,slinky,and body hugging texture with which women feel so beautiful inside as well as outside.

4.Georgette Sarees-Pure georgette sarees are becoming popular in India.It's easy to handle,easy to wash and easy to maintain.Most of the georgette sarees are worn on a regular basis but if these are embellished with stones and embroisery tehn can be worn in parties too.Georgette sarees can be worn in all seasons round the year.It doesn't require much washing as the fabric accumulates less dirt.This fabric beautifully draped to the feminine beauty and add grace to the saree.

5.Silk Sarees-Silk sarees are difficult to maintain and are costly too.Silk saree comes in various forms such as tunar silk,muga silk,eri silk,oak tasar silk,etc with designer blouses.silk sarees are known from the place they are woven.Benaras is one of the leading  silk weaving centres in India.today there are four varieties of benarsi silk sarees-Pure silk,shattir,organza which is fine silk with zari work and the georgette.Naksha Patta is created first,which means the artist first draw  various designs on a paper with colours.The most sought of designs areButi and flower and  foliage,scene of village fairs,clouds,dancing monkeys,temple and mosque designs.Silk fabric is normally worn in warm weather.It's conductivity is such taht it keeps the body warm in cold weather. for shopping bollywood click bollywood saree.


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