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Kanjeevaram sarees

Kanjeevaram silk sarees are the most well known names in the silk sarees. If one takes a name of silk sarees immediately the name of Kanjeevaram silk saree comes into the mind. Theses sarees are famous in Tamil Nadu. These sarees are famous in the whole world for their royal and rich look and feel.

The Kanjeevaram sari got its name from the town in Tamil nadu, Kanchipuram, a little temple town in Tamil Nadu. The Kanjeevaram sarees are not only a part of people on the south but also in other parts of India on special and religious occasions. The Kanjeevaram sarees are mother to daughter tradition i.e. a mother pass on the saree to her daughter. A Kanjeevaram saree stays for long.

The Kanjeevaram sari is made of a heavy silk called Kanjeevaram silk; it is so durable that it can be washed in water at home. It is one of the finest and most popular forms of silk in Tamil nadu. Kanjee silk is thicker than almost all other silks, and is very expensive. The heavier the silk the better is the quality. There are very light weight silk sarees made from Chinese and Korean silk, only mulberry silk produced in Karnataka and in Tamil Nadu, is right silk for the Kanjeevaram saree.

The silk thread used in a Kanjeevaram saree is twisted, then dyed and dried in the sun then it is ready for the weaver's loom. The weaver weaves the border, body and palla separately and then interlocks it together to form a whole part together. A weaver takes 10-20 days for a simple Kanjeevaram saree and 1 month for a decorative Kanjeevaram saree.

Kanjeevaram silk sarees are known for their bold and bright hues. Some designs on Kanjeevaram saris are,
•    Peacock and parrot motifs.
•    Tribal designs.
•    Contemporary Indian patterns.
•    Palaces and paintings pattern on the saree.
•    Scenes from the Ramayana and the Mahabharata and Bhagwad Gita in the form of art.
•    A decorative saree has Zari woven with the silk; the 'zari' work in the border and the Palla are woven in    gold-dipped silver threads. The more the Zari the more expensive is the saree.
•    Plain silk saree.
•    Little gold motifs on the saree.

Every saree is unique in its own way with its unique pattern and design.

The palla, is thrown over the shoulder, and the borders are more colorful and bight than the rest of the sari. Kanjeevaram sarees used at weddings have real gold woven into it in the entire saree
Bright blues, purples and greens, or vibrant reds, oranges or yellows have formed the traditional color in the Kanjeevaram sarees. A light and dark color combination is also now implemented in the sraees.
To maintain a Kanjeevaram saree one need to be very careful, just fold and wrap the saree after use. It should not be machine or hand washed, only dry cleaned. If the maintenance of the saree is done carefully, Kanjeevaram sarees can last for hundred years.

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