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Saree blouse pattern

Saree is an unstitched fabric which enhances women’s elegance and charm in a subtle and more feminine way. As saree is considered to be an integral part of a woman’s wardrobe it is quite essential to wear a saree in a perfect manner, in terms of accessories, footwear, make up and the most important the blouse.
Every woman seeks a great attention and detailing to what type and design of blouse to be worn with a certain saree. A blouse is considered the best unstitched fabric in the whole world which can be worn in thousand different ways and styles. A blouse is such that with its unique cut and design it can alone make or break the entire look of the outfit.  So, it’s very important to wear beautiful blouses with gorgeous sarees and become the showstopper in the crowd. 
When we have to choose a design for the blouse, one must check carefully the texture of the saree and the pattern or design and the embroidery on the saree. The material of the saree is to be considered and to be taken in mind while designing the blouse. Blouses are stitched with the material came along the saree or one can buy any matching or contrasting material from the market. Generally, one must make it using the extra material provided with the saree as the color will be same as of the saree. A stylish yet elegant blouse can be made with almost all type of materials for e.g. velvet, georgette, cotton, chiffon, silk, etc. Blouses are also embellished with embroidery, lace, sequins, stones, zari, cutdana, mirrors, beads, etc.
Blouse is considered to be the best contemporary Indian traditional wear worn by Indian women. In the recent times various designs and patterns of blouse have changed. Indian bollywood industry and also the television industry have made a great impact on the various trends of new designs and pattern of blouses. Even outside the country many Hollywood celebrities have also come up with various new designs.
Sarees are six to seven yard fabric while blouses are made in 1 meter fabric and are generally sleeveless or half sleeves with a round neck in front and back. The length of the blouse depends on the length of the choice of design one wants to style.  Nowadays, the trend is to not to match the saree with the blouse else wear contrasting blouse. Special attention is done on the designing of the neck and back area with exclusive embroidery. The trendy blouses have stylish necks and various sleeves design.   Designer blouses are a rage this season which have noodle straps and halter necks. Various designs and patterns are also crafted on the blouse depending on the occasion and with individual preferences. Normal daily wear blouses have sleeves and have normal U shaped or round neck but usually, on ones taste and preferences. A normal blouse is fully covered and is opened with hooks in front. A sleeveless blouse style is very much in vogue and is made with cotton and chiffon sarees. Among all the designs this design has the comfort when worn in the summers. 
A simple rule about blouse is that a blouse must be simple if the saree is very heavy and the blouse should be heavy in terms of design, embroidery and sequins if the saree is simple. With this simple rule one can never go wrong on the styling of a saree bloue. 
There are various styles or saree blouse patterns in vogue these days like
Chinese collar - A best formal look can be worn with a simple Chinese collar. They give a very professional look and also look good on every age and body type.
Knot tied at front - This is the sexiest and alluring saree blouse pattern. One can have a look of this blouse pattern worn by dimple in the movie Bobbie and made these knots sexy and feminine. Every body type looks good in this blouse. This saree blouse pattern gives a diva look and an ultra sexy image.
Strings at back – This is a very classic yet stylish saree blouse pattern. This is one such saree blouse pattern in which the back is left bare and strings join the shoulder straps or in a crisscross manner.
Backless with three quarter sleeves – This blouse pattern is very much stylish and elegant with little bit of sexiness. It has three quarter sleeves and backless design which adds that spicy oomph factor to the whole design.
Choli with various cuts – This is the most popular and old style of saree blouse. Many bollywood celebrities and women of the nation copy this style. This design was usually worn by Rajasthan women because of its intrinsic cuts, bright colors and traditional embroidery. Largely it’s worn on the festival seasons to get the contemporary Indian look. 
Sweetheart neckline – This saree blouse pattern is famous in blouses as well as evening dresses and gowns. It has this sweet and lovely cut and design which adds feminine charm and gives a popular neckline.
Blouse with transparent full sleeves – This type of blouse pattern has its own charm with ethnic yet modern look. The transparent sleeves are made with lace or sheer fabric which hides and reveals simultaneously.
Various styles of sleeves patterns also adds a different saree blouse pattern –
 Full sleeves
Half sleeves
Three-fourth sleeves
Puffed sleeves
Butterfly sleeves
Butterfly sleeves, sleeves add extra design and trend factor to revive the old charm of a simple saree blouse.
In the end a saree blouse pattern has no end in means of styling and design one can run over thousands of various imaginary designs to design a simple to stylish blouse pattern.
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